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What We Offer

Chemin des Quatre-Vents 7E
ZIP Code
+41 22 362 44 67

Sos4u stages inspirational Team Building and Incentive events in whatever environment you prefer – outdoors or indoors. We design our Team Events exactly to your requirements. We don’t force a standard product on you.

We work closely with you from beginning to end. We manage the whole event in its entirety. You can rely on us to deal with all the challenges, including the unexpected ones.

Have fun building rafts or boats from cardboard, traversing a custom-built rope bridge, crossing a chasm suspended from a steel cable on a harness, cooking your own meal, orienteering, and tackling many other challenges – all designed to stimulate bonding and cooperation. For many, the experience is an awakening that changes attitudes forever.

Sos4u has enormous experience creating a unique mix of environment and activities to make sure the transformation happens.

our commitments

  • A unique ambiance
  • Enjoyment for all
  • Stronger, more harmonious teams
  • A better functioning organization
We are geared to act fast to mount events at short notice.

I would like to thank you all for a great team building event we had together. This trip was one of the best organized, fun and interesting events ever…

The group enjoyed every minute of the Sales Incentive Event from the djembe/drumming session to the team building activities on the beach.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the event in geneva last week. we had so many great comments from the group on what had been organized and everyone had a great time! it really did set the bar high for our next event!

The program perfectly reflected the goals, in terms of organization, commitment and results from your company. We are looking forward to work with you in the future.

It was one of the most professionally organized and well thought out team building events I have partaken in and certainly sets a new incredibly high standard…

The off-site was really well organized

I would like to congratulate yourself and your colleagues for a great time in gstaad. we were hoping that the summer platinum experience would also have the wow factor as demonstrated in our successful winter experience… glad to say you didn’t disappoint us! Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved.

Many thanks for the photos. They look great! Can’t wait to see the rest of it. We had a really great time. Thank you very much for the organization. It is always a pleasure to see you. I really hope all this lasts for years!

The dvd is great… I am very pleased with the organization of the event: it was excellent.

Covering each event photographically has been a wonderful way to capture the special moments and laughter. It has been my pleasure to highly recommend your services to colleagues within the organization and I look forward to contacting you in the near future to continue our collaboration.

The information flow was friendly, smooth and timely and the preparation for this event professional, well organized and flexible, e.g. The response to bad weather conditions on the day of the event was outstanding.

Thank you for a wonderful day out yesterday. It has already made a visible difference to the group ! I have received nothing but thanks for a great day where everything went smoothly and was thoroughly enjoyable…

We received the photos on dvd and they look great… I got a lot of very positive feedback from the participants of the event, and I was personally also very pleased with the services offered by you and your team. We altogether had a great time, and would certainly recommend your organization for organizing an event like this… thanks again!

Great event with a fantastic mix between business and fun…

Fun & stimulating

Thank you for your professionalism in every situation, for making things work simply and smoothly, for your practical ideas, for finding solutions to problems, for keeping smiling against all odds and last but not least for your great photos!