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How We Work

Chemin des Quatre-Vents 7E
ZIP Code
+41 22 362 44 67

At a preliminary meeting, SOS4U determines with you the what, the how, the where and the when, and together we agree the Team Building objectives. We make sure the location and activities relate to your culture and vision.

We offer several Team Building options, tailored uniquely for you. Once the choice has been made we commit contractually on your behalf with the venue and key suppliers, obtain any necessary permits and then draw up a detailed project plan. This includes milestones and takes into account the cultural, gender and age background of participants. It caters for all eventualities, such as weather or sickness, and is above all flexible.

A spectacular location makes you feel good and stimulates you to behave differently than in everyday life. It creates ideal conditions for a group to start functioning better.

SOS4U offers an unlimited choice of locations, ranging from Switzerland to the ends of the earth. Alpine summits, glaciers, mountain torrents, beaches, conference hotels, jungles, wildernesses – we’ll work with you to make just the right choice.

On the day of the team incentive event, we are on site well beforehand, carry out the event from beginning to end, and stay on afterwards to gather instant feedback. Besides creative flair and understanding, we offer total dependability.

Our Commitments

  • A unique ambiance
  • Enjoyment for all
  • Stronger, more harmonious teams
  • A better functioning organization
We are geared to act fast to mount events at short notice.